Who is Dave Blackledge?
Who cares?

I'm just some jerk songwriter who likes to write songs about fat butts, PMS,
Drama Queens, Constipation, Pooping your pants, and other songs that get me
sideways looks while I play them.

I had some success on comedy charts in Australia and even had the top comedy
songs there for some time.... for some reason I have a fan club in London England
headed by a very dear young lady. My songs seemed to make her feel better on a
tough day at work so she started the Dave Blackledge Fan Club UK.

I live in a very small town in Pennsylvania and have been very fortunate to play some
nice size clubs in actual cities and even do some shows with people who are stars
or will be someday.

I write a monthly article for PA Musician Magazine (Singer Songwriters and Other
Madness) and formed and produced the PA Singer Songwriter Festival for 6 years.
I am now working for WHLM in Bloomsburg, and loving it. whlm.com
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